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It all starts in the streets of Tijuana. One puppy / kitten at a time.

The number of stray dogs and cats have increased quite a bit on the streets of Tijuana, mostly in the Zona Norte area and where the arch is located on First and Revolucion - probably because these are the best places to get food from tourists and the trash left on the curbside each night for the city garbage collectors to collect.

These are not feral strays birthed in the pavement and asphalt but grown, domesticated animals. Many are friendly, and hungry. THEY ARE ABANDONED PETS.


On behalf of all the abandoned dogs & cats in Tijuana, we’d like to extend to you a warm “thank you” for your support of We Saved A Puppy. Our mission of rescuing & adopting out homeless pets would be impossible without your financial support. We document the life saving impact of all funds received on our social media platforms and invite you to browse all adoptable pets in our virtual adoption shelter.

Meet our Team

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Did you know ?

200 % A bag of dog food costs twice as much in Tijuana.
200-250 abandoned dogs each week in the streets of Tijuana.
100 animals are cared for by Tijuana shelters every week.
Owners have up to 72 hours to claim their lost dog from the Tijuana pound.

Adopting a pet

Looking to Adopt a new friend?

Every week, we roam the streets of Tijuana looking for abandoned animals. Thanks to your kind donations, we can feed them, provide them with medical care, and we video document each puppy and each kitten to make it easy for you to find a new friend. Please browse this month's abandoned pets and click " More info " to learn more.

Our latest rescues

About Rocky

Rocky was abandoned due to his illness Parvovirus. I Saved A Puppy paid for his medical treatment, then Brian adopted him! Now our little fighter receives all the love in the world!

About Maya

Maya is a 5 year old Golden retriever that is fixed. Very sweet loving dog.

About Ben & Jerry

Meet the bonded pair Ben & Jerry, two brothers that grew up in Tijuana, Mexico. These cuddle bugs are around 3 years old! Please consider adopting them both together!

About Tigress

Hi my name is Tigress, I love to cuddle and play all day! Please adopt me...

About Baby

Hi my name is Baby, I love to play! Please adopt me...

About Pickles

Hi my name is Pickles, I’m an active little boy that loves to play! Will you be my mommy or daddy?

About Sammy

I’m a lovable little boy looking for his forever home!

About Alvino

Hi my name is Alvino, I’m a 6 year old boy that’s already been sterilized. I’m a total sweetheart looking for my forever home.

About Misty

Hi my name is Misty, I was just rescued 8/16/18 i was covered in thousands of fleas and ticks. Thanks to the Nonprofit “I Saved A Puppy” I’ve begun to recover. It turns out that I’m pregnant and expecting around 9/14/18. I’ll be available for adoption around 12/1/18

About Roxy

Hi my name is Roxy, I’m s lovable 3 month old kitten that was rescued off the streets. I love to be cuddled! Please adopt me, I’ll love you forever!

About Panda

Hi my name is Panda, I was born on Saturday September 8th at 5am. I won’t be available for adoption until December 8th! The Nonprofit “I Saved A Puppy” rescued my Mommy. Provided her with medical care, and a loving foster home, I was born 2 weeks after she was rescued! I’m the only girl out of the 4 puppies in the litter!

About Phoenix

Hi my name is Phoenix, I’m the mommy of Laura Croft, Jean Grey, Loki, and Thor. My babies and I were rescued on the streets of Tijuana 10/11/2018. We were brought in for medical treatment, then given a loving foster home. Please provide me and my babies with the loving home we deserve.

About Morgan

Hi my name is Morgan, I’m an 80lbs Bluenose Pitbull. I’m very sweet, and love other doggies!

About Frankie

Hi everyone my name is Frankie(I have the different colored eyes), I was rescued with my sister Rosie.

About Rosie

Hi everyone my name is Rosie. I was rescued with my brother Frankie. We’re both very sweet intelligent loving doggies that enjoy to be pet, and held.

About SnowWhite

Hi everyone my name is Snow White. I was rescued after I was almost hit by a car! I'm the sweetest most loving puppy ever! Will you be my Mommy, and Daddy?

About Cleo

Hi everyone my name is Cleo. I'm a playful loving 2 year old 10lbs girl that can't wait to be your forever puppy!

About Bengi

I’m a sweet 4 year old boy that’s in need of a loving home!

About Hope

Hi everyone my name is hope, I’m a very sweet, and loving 4 year old girl that gets along with people, dogs, and cats! I’ve had a very difficult past, a very bad man used a knife to cut and skin the left side of my body, some how I’ve still remained sweet, and loving!

About Buddy

Hi everyone my name is buddy, Although I have a sad past I’m still a loving boy! After being abused, my previous owners threw me from a moving car and left me for dead in March 2019! I’m the sweetest boy that loves doggies, and kitties, I love hoomans as long as they don’t try to man handle me! Please help me find a loving home.

About Canela

Hi everyone my name is Canela, I’m a 4 year old sweet girl that has no aggression towards people, cats, nor dogs! I was living on the cold streets of Tijuana until some nice ladies rescued me! Please help me find a loving home!

About Keanu

Hi everyone my name is Keanu, I’m a 4 month old baby playful boy! I’m very smart, and love to be pet, and held. Won’t you be my Mommy or Daddy?

About Scruffy

I’m a 5 year old calm loving boy that was living on the streets of Mexico! I was rescued in the nick of time, my blood work showed that My body was on the verge of shutting down. Thankfully the Nonprofit “I Saved A Puppy” covered my medical care, and now I’m feeling great! I’m ready to love you forever, please consider adopting me!

About Icy & Ozzy

These extremely loving 8 month old brother and sister are a bonded pair! Wait until you meet them, they are so intelligent, and love everyone! Zero aggression towards, other doggies, or people! They’re potty trained, and do lots of tricks.

About Ali

Ali is more like a person then any doggie that you’ll ever meet! He really is the smartest, most sensitive boy ever! He loves to catch his treats, cuddles, and long walk in his wheels! He’s a downed dog that needs a patient person that can care for his needs, in return he’ll love you like your the only person on earth!

About Ernie

Hi I’m Ernie, I was abandoned at a park in Los Angels, I’m a really good, sweet 3 month old boy that loves everyone! Please adopt me!

About Larry

Hi my name is Larry, come meet me at our next adoption event on Thursday September 12th from 6-9pm. I’m the sweetest most loving boy ever!

About Terry

Terry is a sweet 2 year old boy that was recently hit by a car which took his left eye. Then he was abandoned by his family. Terry’s your typical high energy extremely loving little guy that gets along well with other dogs. He needs to be potty trained.

About Cerberus

HEllo, I am a 135 lbs French Mastiff-AKC, 5 years of age. I am a great guard dog. I am extremely patient with children. Please give me a loving home.


You can help fund our effort to open a pet shelter and café while purchasing your pet supplies. Making your pet purchases through iSAVEDAPUPPY.COM will help abandoned animals find loving homes. Every week, we roam the streets of Tijuana looking for abandoned animals. Every purchase you make in our store helps brighten the lives of these homeless animals. We guarantee that every dollar is put towards pet food, vet bills, & finding loving forever homes.

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We Saved A Puppy is a non-profit organization founded in May 2017. It’s making a difference in the lives of Tijuana’s abandoned pets by providing medical care, food, & loving forever homes. Please share our store with your friends to help us in our rescue work.